Friday 10 February, 1PM CAT/12PM CET

People all over struggle with interoperability between health information and related information systems. We need to to avoid others repeating failures and rather guide them on the right track. This BetterEhealth webminar aims at spreading experiences from African countries on what has worked and what hasn’t worked and why. Softwares which speak to each other and standards to follow. Hence practical knowledge with implications for eHealth strategies and policies.

  • Tanzania, The University of Dar es Salaam DHIS2 lab has successfully developed a Universal interoperability Adapter (iAdapter) to simplify integration between any vendor-based electronic hospital management information system and DHIS2 aggregate data;
  • Malawi, HISP Malawi / University of Malawi / Kuunika, on creating an interoperability layer which has bonded information systems;
  • Mozambique, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane / Saugiditus. A tool for setting up interoperability;
  • Ethiopia, University of Gondar, having done interoperability projects for a long time and participated in writing a book on the topic.

In this webinar, each speaker will present their experiences with what works and why with which software and standards, and what doesn’t work and why. Both concerning initial establishment of interoperability and its maintenance over time when a system is changed and the interoperability consequently breaks down.

Interested people that want to join this webinar can register here