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BETTEReHEALTH is setting up four Regional eHealth Hubs across Africa, led by a local partner of the BETTEReHEALTH consortium, and already endorsed by their national Ministry of Health.

Each hub will organise coordination, networking and knowledge sharing activities involving all regional actors, with focus on human/workforce, technical and public policy factors.

BETTEReHEALTH will create open access registries regarding eHealth policies and existing eHealth solutions to identify best practices and produce eHealth policy roadmaps that will provide useful knowledge regarding adequate eHealth strategies and implementation. The joint collaboration within and across the hubs will strengthen end-user communities and policy makers in making the right decisions for the successful implementation of eHealth solutions. Also international cooperation in eHealth (between African stakeholders mutually, as well as between African and European stakeholders) will be supported by the hubs.


Regional hub members

Becoming a member of the BETTEReHEALTH Regional eHealth Hubs does not impose any formal duties or responsibilities on you, but provides you with voluntary opportunities to:

  • stay up-to-date with eHealth developments in various countries and regions;
  • contribute your own insights and information for the benefit of improved healthcare outcomes, new research partnerships, and/or business collaboration;
  • be at the forefront of strategic eHealth developments in your country and the wider region;
  • participate in regional workshops and international meetings of the BETTEReHEALTH consortium;
  • benefit from networking activities and profile yourself and your organisation in the field of eHealth;
  • assess possibilities for you and your organization to get actively involved in new initiatives.

To express your interest for participation and involvement in the BETTEReHEALTH Regional eHealth Hubs, submit the information below and we will get in touch with you.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

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